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New TCV Range to Combat Legionnaires' Disease

Hattersley has launched a new range of Thermal Circulation Valves (TCVs), designed for use in domestic hot water systems to help kill Legionella bacterium which causes the deadly Legionnaires’ disease.

The Hattersley TCV range is WRAS approved and available in sizes DN15 low flow and DN15 & DN20 standard flow. The valve is compact and includes an isolation valve, thermometer access point and a settable temperature sensing cartridge which is pre-set at a standard 57°C.

The installation of a TCV into hot water systems ensures that the water is maintained at a temperature that Legionella cannot survive in. Hattersley’s new TCV range aids self-balancing and thermostatically controlled regulation of water flow and thermal disinfection. This type of thermal circulation also reduces commissioning time and therefore cost too.

Sizing & selection of TCVs is very important and Hattersley offer a comprehensive and free service to ensure that the appropriate size is chosen.

There is a legal requirement for designers and installers of domestic hot water systems to consider the risk of Legionella. One way that contractors and specifiers can demonstrate their compliance with the law, is to follow the HSE (ACOP) L8 guideline’ and installation of the new Hattersley TCV will assist in achieving this. Further details can be found in the Health & Safety at Work Act (HSWA), 1974 and also in the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH).

Legionella is present in domestic hot water systems and thrives between 20°C and 45°C, multiplying most rapidly at an optimum temperature of about 37°C. Legionella becomes a high risk to humans when aerosol droplets are generated. This is most common in cooling towers, hot water systems, showers, taps and whirlpool spa baths. The most high risk projects include hospitals, hotels, sports & health and education facilities.

In Europe it is believed 6000 cases of Legionnaires’ disease are diagnosed every year.  While in 2010 more than 350 cases were identified in the UK with approximately 10% of these resulting in fatalities*

*Health Protection Report Vol. 6 No. 9, March 2012

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New DPCV Range from Hattersley Simplifies Circuits and Reduces Costs

Hattersley has launched a new range of modern and compact differential pressure control valves (DPCVs) with unique features that give cost-saving benefits, reduced energy consumption and a simplified installation process, whilst still maintaining their high quality and reliability.

Quick and Easy to Install

Belonging to the FlowMaster range of commissioning valves, the DPCVs (F400 & R400) are quick and easy to install, have a long life expectancy and require little or no maintenance. Available in sizes DN15 to DN50, they are PN16 rated and have an adjustable differential pressure range of 20 – 100kPa.

Aids System Analysis and Simplifies Circuits

With cost cutting on every business’s agenda, the new DPCV range has been specifically designed with two great new features which do exactly that. Importantly, they also aid system analysis and simplify circuits too.

Two New Features

The first, having threaded female ends, reduces the need for additional adapters in most circuits and allows easy connections to alternative pipework solutions when adapters are required

The second, the addition of two bosses, is for integral test point installation, which gives greater flexibility and reduces the need for separate test points within the circuit

With the addition of these two bosses, pressure readings can now be taken from before and after the control circuit. The pressure is linked to the upper and lower chambers and the diaphragm, which separates the chambers and pressures, controls the rubber-seated piston to stabilise the pressure differential. The piston closes the valve on rising differential pressure and opens it on falling differential pressure. The valve will continue to move in this way until equilibrium of pressure is achieved.


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Hattersley Launches Press-Fit Valves

Hattersley has designed a dedicated core range of Press-Fit valves, which are quickly and easily installed onto pipework using proven Geberit Mapress technology. Without compromising on reliability, a clean pressed joint is simpler and quicker to make than traditional soldered or threaded connections. 

An Outstanding Pedigree.

Hattersley and Geberit have been trading for nearly 100 years and bring together their expertise in creating innovative, quality products and solutions that have been used by specifiers, consultants and contractors around the world. 

Designed for the Perfect Fit

Whilst the valves still incorporate the same features & benefits as the trusted Hattersley project valve range, both the fittings and valves have redesigned parallel connecting threads to ISO 228-1 - an industry first! Just as important, the connectors have no effect on the performance characteristics and flow rates of the valves. 

Pre-assembled & Fewer Joints

Valves come already fitted with Geberit Mapress connectors – so there is just one integral unit. For the fitter, the benefits are huge; the number of joints to make on-site is dramatically reduced and the performance, exact dimensions & tolerances of the Press-Fit Valve are known in advance. This is ideal for pre-fabricators who can pre-cut pipework with confidence.  

Thoroughly Tested

Each Press-Fit valve undergoes the standard 6 bar air underwater test. Hattersley also used bend and vibration tests to EN331 and DVGW respectively during development to test the integrity of the fitting.

Geberit Mapress Technology - Peace of Mind

All Press-Fit Valves come with a unique white end cap, which has a size indicator, and ensures that the product is protected from any ingress of material prior to installation. In addition, innovative ‘white foil’ indicators which surround the pressing contours of the connectors are designed to fall off after pressing with a Press-Fit Tool. This enables unpressed joints to be clearly visible before the pressure test. As a further safety enhancement, Press-Fit valves feature defined leak paths, which if unpressed, will cause controlled leakage and be immediately identified during initial testing.

Application - Adapting to Variety

Designed for both new-build and refurbishment projects, Press-Fit valves can be installed on a variety of pipe materials. In addition to any brand of copper tubing conforming to BS EN 1057 R220 soft copper (12-22mm), R250 semi-hard copper (12-28mm) and R290 hard copper (12-108mm), the valves can also be pressed onto Geberit Mapress Stainless and Carbon Steel.   

The Core Range

Hattersley Press-Fit Valves are available in sizes up to 2” for Ball Valves, Balancing Valves, Check Valves and Strainers.

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MultiComm for maximum convenience

Hattersley launches it's MultiComm, a multi-terminal, centrally located commissioning system for maximum convenience and minimal disruption.

The MultiComm provides one easy access point for commissioning and maintenance of multiple heating/chilled water terminal units.

The MultiComm is an exceptionally efficient, practical and versatile system:

  • Depending on flow rates, up to six terminals can be served from a single MultiComm unit.
  • All units are custom built to suit site specification.
  • All site connections can be made without the need to access the internal components.
  • CommPac is suitable for variable flow or constant flow systems.
  • All connections are BSPT female, enabling standard pipe or specialist adaptors to be used.
  • Fan coil units can be flushed, vented and balanced without the time-consuming 'looping out' procedure. This can be carried out by one commissioning engineer instead of a team.
  • A single strainer serves all circuits, eliminating the need for individual strainers.
  • All systems can be flushed through the unique Hook-Up II 'H' body.
  • The single DPCV maintains constant differential pressure between manifolds.


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New WRAS-Approved Ball Valve from Hattersley

Hattersley has launched a new range of WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approved DZR brass ball valves. The range includes six compression sizes from 15 to 54 mm and eight threaded sizes from 1/4" to 2"

The units provide flow control, flow measurement, flushing and isolation capabilities from a single compact and lightweight unit. Built from bronze and DZR brass the complete range is PN16 rated in three sizes – 0.5 inch, 0.75 inch and 1.0 inch – and includes versions suitable for use in chilled water, low temperature heated water and medium temperature heated water systems from –10 oC to +120oC.

With the aim of reducing the risk of installation damage, Hattersley have added extra seals to the new ball valves. A metal to metal primary seal on the body seat retainer joint, combined with loctite 648 seal provides greater strength and sealing capabilities. An O ring seal in the main joint provides additional protection against leakage for the threaded versions.

A waterproof and tear-resistant tag attached to each valve gives installation instructions, including the number of wrench turns needed to give positive sealing without over-tightening. Hattersley valves also fully comply with thread length as specified in BS EN 10266.

The DZR brass used in their construction means they are suitable for use over a temperature range from –10 to 120 degrees Celcius, making them ideal for HVAC applications. Their WRAS approval means they can also be used with potable water supplies.


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