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Stock OfferFig. 810 65mm Cast Iron Y Type Strainer.

The 'Y' type strainer offers a reliable, cost effective way of protecting a system from debris. It's streamlined flow contours minimise pressure drop and it is suitable for saturated stream service. It has an asbestos-free non-stick gasket and a perforated stainless steel screen to DEO Spec 036.

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Butterfly Valve

Stock OfferFig. 4970 600mm Ductile Iron Fully Lugged Butterfly Valve.

PN16 and conforming to BS EN593, this valve is ideal for flow regulation. It is flanged to suit BS EN 1092-2 connections. It is supplied with a spur gear unit as part of gear operator. Suitable for a temperature range of -10 to 120°C.

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