Working Partnerships

The new ideas and thought processes that result in collaborative partnerships regularly challenge everyone to consider different directions that would not have been considered if everyone worked separately.

Hattersley works in direct partnership with a number of UK manufacturers to support the changing demands of the variable flow industry, this level of consultancy enables us to deliver a higher performing product fit for purpose.

By utilising the different sets of knowledge and experiences solutions can be synthesised that are beyond the knowledge of any one person. While Hattersley offer a standard range of products for a variety of applications, we recognise that a one size fits all product is not always appropriate, the market requires a more bespoke approach. Therefore, working together with specific partners enables us to find solutions to for-fill the necessary market demands.

Graphic of a business handshake

Benefits & Outcomes:

  • Better understanding of the specific needs of the product.
  • Productive partnerships where sharing expertise leads to conclusive solutions performance targets relating to compliance.
  • Reviewing past experience to inform new products.
  • Design, develop and review processes to minimise discrepancies. Early stages help fine-tune and fault find the systems, ensuring compatibility.
  • Constructive dialogue between the product manufacturer and the design engineers around performance requirements and stakeholder expectations.
  • Responsive technical team support.
  • In-house testing capabilities allow for quicker analysis of performance.

If you require support with projects, quotations, technical data or simply friendly advice, then please contact us.