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General Valves

Traditional Valves for Everyday Use

Everyday Valves

General Valves

Hattersley design and manufacture a wide variety of general valves, including ball, butterfly, check, gate, globe & Press-Fit valves.

Hattersley Valves can be found in homes and offices as well as industrial, educational, recreational and healthcare buildings and are working behind the scenes every day to handle the flow of fluids in kitchens, bathrooms, boiler rooms and just about anywhere pipework is needed to keep life flowing.

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Press-Fit Valves

Using proven Geberit Mapress technology

Press-Fit Valves

Pressed for time?

Hattersley Press-Fit Valves offer

installed cost savings of up to


compared to a threaded valve with separate Press-Fit adaptors. Ideal for a variety of pipe materials - copper tubing, stainless steel & carbon steel.

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