Geberit Mapress Press-Fit Valves Range

Hattersley has designed a dedicated core range of Press-Fit valves, which are quickly and easily installed into pipework using proven Geberit Mapress technology.

Without compromising on reliability, a clean pressed joint is simpler and quicker to make than traditional soldered or threaded connections.

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Gerbit Mapress Press-Fit Ball Valve

Press-Fit Valve Components


Unique End Cap

A unique end cap has a size indicator and ensures the product is protected from any ingress prior to installation.


PN16 Rated

Valves are PN16 rated and suitable for temperatures -10 to 120°C. Valve is assembled with press-fit ends.


Full Bore End Connectors

End connectors are full bore, maintaining valve performance.


Parallel Threads

Valves & fittings have the advantage of redesigned parallel threads to enhance thread engagement and to ensure the valves pass DVGW vibration and EN 331 bend tests.



Additional O-Ring creates leak-tight seal.


Fail Safe

O-Ring features defined leak paths – a ‘fail safe’ against unpressed joints.



Exact dimensions, tolerances and performance of entire unit is known in advance.


Preassembled & Tested

Valves are supplied preassembled & factory tested so the number of joints to make on-site is reduced.


Visual Indicator

White foil indicators which surround the pressing contours provide a visual indicator of a pressed joint.

Cut-away of Press-Fit ball valve
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