Thermal Circulation Valves

Thermal Circulation Valves provide self-balancing, thermostatically controlled regulation of flow and thermal disinfection, assisting with protection against Legionella.

How do Hattersley’s Thermal Circulation Valves work?

As the water flows through the Thermal Control Valve the thermal element senses the water temperature and adjusts its stem position in the seat to control the flow rate some valves include an isolation valve. When reacting to water temperature changes the valve never completely stops the flow.

The Core Range

Hattersley TCVs are available in DN15 low flow and DN15 & DN20 standard flow sizes.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for DHWS to help protect against Legionella.
  • Provides self-balancing, thermostatically controlled regulation of flow and disinfection.
  • Thermal disinfection at temperatures above 70°C.
  • Thermal balancing reduces commissioning time and hence cost.
  • Schedule and selection service available.
  • Compact unit comprising isolation valve with thermometer access point.
  • Incorporates a settable temperature sensing cartridge, factory pre-set at a standard 57°C.
  • Easily verifiable temperatures by thermometer (available as an accessory).
  • Valve opens automatically during disinfection.
  • Has an accuracy of +/- 2°C.
  • WRAS Approved.

Thermal Circulation Valve Components


Thermometer Access Point

For easy recording of temperature levels


Adjustable Temperature Settings 50-65°C

Factory pre-setting 57°C (54-60°C recommended settings)


Integral Isolation Valve

Removes the need for additional isolation valve


Bronze Body

Robust construction


Female Ended Threads

To facilitate easy installation