General Valves Range

Air Vents / De-Aerators

Offering an efficient performance, the Hattersley Air Vents remove inevitable and potentially dangerous air trapped in the system. Designed to simplify the venting process, for single or multi boiler and calorifier installations, the range offers savings in time and costs.

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Ball Valves

The Hattersley range of ball valves consists of compact, lightweight units which are easy to install and operate, yet their ability to withstand robust construction ensures long, trouble-free service life. They offer full flow with minimum turbulence in the open position and bubble tight closure in the closed position. Only a quarter-turn is required to fully open or close the valve.

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Butterfly Valves

Hattersley butterfly valves are compact quarter turn valves. The body is elastomer lined providing a resilient bubble tight shut off. The valves are supplied in wafer or lugged variants and may be lever or gearbox operated. Linings are EPDM or Nitrile rubber depending on the intended service conditions. Primarily recommended for on off service, they may also be used for non critical throttling applications. Only a quarter turn is needed to fully open or close the valve.

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Check Valves

Check valves permit flow in one direction only, and close automatically if flow reverses. They are entirely automatic in action, depending upon pressure and velocity of flow within the line to perform their functions of opening and closing. Most Hattersley swing check valves can be installed in horizontal or vertical upward flow piping. Lift check valves must be used in horizontal lines only.

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Gate Valves

Hattersley gate valves offer the ultimate in dependable service wherever minimum pressure drop is important. They serve as efficient stop valves with fluid flow in either direction. The straight through design offers little resistance to flow and reduces pressure drop to a minimum. A gate-like disk – actuated by a stem screw and handwheel – moves up and down at right angles to the path of flow, and seats against two seat faces to shut off the flow.

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Gland Cocks / Drain Taps

Fitting Hattersley’s Drain Taps and Gland Cocks enable systems to be drained without removing pipework. They prevent the build up of sediment that flows through the pipework thus extending it’s life expectancy.

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Globe Valves

Hattersley globe valves are highly efficient for throttling service because seat and disk designs provide flow characteristics with proportionate relationships between valve lift and flow rate. This assures accurate flow control/regulation. Globe valve bodies are normally of spherical shape, ensuring maximum strength against line pressures and pipeline strains. Wide faced hexagon ends on threaded valves provide a firm wrench grip which prevents damage to the valve.

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Scale and dirt in piping systems can cause endless trouble and serious damage to pipeline equipment. Installation of Hattersley strainers will help eliminate the problems caused by foreign matter within piping systems. Generous proportions of Hattersley strainers allow the units to collect significant quantities of foreign matter before pressure losses necessitate cleaning of the basket.

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Press-Fit Valves

Hattersley has designed a dedicated core range of Press-Fit valves, which are quickly and easily installed onto pipework using proven Geberit Mapress technology. Without compromising on reliability, a clean pressed joint is simpler and quicker to make than traditional soldered or threaded connections.

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