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Press-Fit is clean & easy to use with reliable sealing, reduced flushing requirements, faster installation with significantly reduced on-site labour time, & reduced offsite risk with no hot works. Press-Fit technology can be fixed wet, with no draining or cooling down required, enabling installation time & significantly reducing system downtime. 

Hattersley offer an internally robust range of ball, balancing, strainer & check Press-Fit valves with a gas-tight connection. Ideal for prefabricators, as the exact dimensions & tolerances of the Press-Fit valve are known in advance, time spent on site can be reduced by pre-cutting pipework & preparing joints.

Hattersley Press-Fit valves consistent face-to face dimensions harbour no variable lengths & the visual indicator on the pressing contours drop off once the Press-Fit tool has been used. The valves feature recyclable end-caps, to avoid contamination in transit & storage, & O-rings which define a leak path to identify unpressed joints.

A full Press-Fit BIM portfolio can be widely utilised in the early stages of modular & prefabrication applications & design. Enabling projects to be delivered quicker, cheaper & inline with rigid legislative standards. 

Integral Ended Press-Fit

Hattersley have designed a Press-Fit isolation valve, complete with integral M-Profile Press-Fit connectors, which complements their Geberit Mapress Press-Fit range of balancing, strainer & check valves.

Designed for both new-build & refurbishment projects, integral ended Press-Fit ball valves can be installed on a variety of pipe materials. The integral ended Press-Fit ball valves are available in sizes ½ inch to 2 inch, with a choice of operators to meet application requirements.

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Gerberit Mapress Press-Fit

Hattersley have designed a dedicated core range of Press-Fit valves, which are quickly and easily installed into pipework using proven Geberit Mapress technology and the same features & benefits as the trusted Hattersley project valve range.

Geberit Mapress press-fit valves are available in sizes up to 2" for ball valves, balancing valves, check valves and strainers.

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