Hattersley Product Directory

Issue 9

The Hattersley Product Directory covers technical information for Hattersley General Valves, Balancing Valves & Public Health Valves.

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 [20mb PDF] – March 2024

PICV Hook-Up Brochure

Issue 2 (MEA)

The Hattersley PICV offers an excellent solution for control of water flow rates, and therefore comfort control and energy savings when used as part of a variable volume system design. For the installer, we off a range of solutions which are easy to select, install and commission.

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[8.5mb PDF] – March 2021

Technical Guide

Issue 2 (MEA)

Understanding the Principles of DPCVs & PICVs in Dynamic Balancing explains the use of DPCVs and PICVs, and the different way these valves control the flow of water to terminals.

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– July 2017

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Press-Fit Valves

A dedicated core range of Press-Fit valves, which are quickly and easily installed into pipework using proven Geberit Mapress technology.

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[1.5mb] – July 2013