FutureFlow Diagram

Hattersley globe valves are highly efficient for throttling service because seat and disk designs provide flow characteristics with proportionate relationships between valve lift and flow rate. This assures accurate flow control/regulation.

Globe valve bodies are normally of spherical shape, ensuring maximum strength against line pressures and pipeline strains. Wide faced hexagon ends on threaded valves provide a firm wrench grip which prevents damage to the valve.

The majority of Hattersley globe valves are inside screw pattern, having either a screwed bonnet or union bonnet configuration. A wide choice of disc and seat materials is offered in this range to enable the user to select a valve most suited for the intended service.

There are five basic seat and disc arrangements available:

  1. Metal to metal: the seat being integral with the body.
  2. Renewable alloy or stainless steel disc and seat.
  3. Renewable composition or elastomeric disc.
  4. Renewable composition elastomeric disc alloy seat.
  5. Vee-Reg pattern stainless steel disc and seat giving protection against wire drawing on steam service.