Hook-Up Prime

The Hook-Up Prime Flow Management System is a pre-fabricated unit combining the essential control components and connecting pipework associated with terminal units, into one compact, fully assembled and tested unit ready for simple and fast on-site connection.

The 40mm H-Body

  • The H-Body unit comprising two T-Ported ball valves
  • Allows easy back flushing, forward flushing and bypass.
  • The position of the handles gives clear indication of flow / bypass mode
  • Designed around 1/2″ full bore ball for optimum flow.
  • Can be adapted to 3/4″ end connections.
  • Simple attachment to existing fan coil units.

Benefits for Design Engineers

  • A compact design to help with space limitations.
  • Minimal design involvement.
  • All the necessary components supplied as one factory tested unit.
  • Saves time, reduces specification risks and provides maximum value to the client.
  • Known performance of the assembled unit.

Benefits for Installing Contractors

  • The Hattersley compact unit is shorter and lighter than competitor units which ensures an easier manufacturing process and handling.
  • Best in class technical support service from an established 160-year worldwide company.
  • Connections designed and manufactured to British/International standards.
  • Taper threads give full engagement on the whole thread length.
  • Solder connection is simple to assemble.
  • Designed with the BSRIA BG29 guidelines in mind to aid flushing.
  • Integrity of all joints tested to BS EN 12666-1.