On projects where a large number of fan coils or chilled beams are used, the installer has to provide:

As standard
Flushing by-pass, isolation valves, flow control valves, drain valves.

As options
Strainers and flow measurement devices on each terminal unit.

Purchasing the individual components and making assemblies onsite is time consuming, repetitive work that requires considerable labour time.

The correct flow control valve must be selected for each terminal unit, and the number of pipe joints can be significant, all of which carry risks of leakage, re-work and delays in project time plans.

The Hattersley Hook-Up is a pre-assembled and tested unit supplied complete and ready for installation. All flow control valves are sized by Hattersley to suit each fan coil flow rate, and every unit is supplied tagged wtih fan coil reference for ease of installation. 

The unique 80mm H-Body flushing by-pass arrangement as the cornerstone of each assembly, a variety of valves are then connected on the flow and return sides of the H-Body to suit specifications.

On the Flow Side

Options include:

A combined stainer and drain assembly

On the Return Side

Options include:

Pressure Independent Control Valves (PICV) Fig. 1932 + Actuator

Constant flow regulators Fig. 1932

Flow Measurement devices to verify flow, Fig. 1000 / 1000M