Hattersley valves throughout new Manchester Hospital

Hattersley valves have been specified for installation throughout the heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems, hot and cold water and domestic systems at the massive Manchester Royal Infirmary re-construction project.

Manchester Royal Infirmary is a working hospital where the construction is being carried out in stages, allowing departments to move into the new areas as they are completed. The vacated areas are then demolished and re-constructed, until the entire hospital will be re-built. When completed, the hospital will be known as Manchester Joint Hospital.

Thousands of valves from throughout the Hattersley range are being installed by M & E contractors Rotary North West. A new Energy Centre has been constructed and is now operational, this will serve each new block, each of which will have individual plant rooms.

In addition to the many gate, globe, check, ball and butterfly valves used within the project, Differential Pressure Control Valves and Compact Hook-Up modules have been included. The Compact Hook-Ups are prefabricated modular management systems providing flow control, measurement, flushing and isolation of fan coils and other terminal units. Compact Hook-Ups are extremely quick and simple to install and factory testing ensures trouble-free operation.

Hattersley were also able to provide a solution to potential health risks associated with domestic systems with the supply of their latest combination valve, Multi-Therm. Paul Jones, Hattersley Area Sales Manager explained, "Multi-Therm helps protect against Legionella by providing thermal disinfection. Legionella bacteria will not survive above 60ºC. Multi-Therm switches off regulation functions when hot water temperatures are increased to above 70ºC and automatically switches to the disinfection setting".

As well as protection against Legionella, Multi-Therm also provides self-balancing, thermostatically controlled regulation of flow, allowing savings in energy consumption and cost savings through lower commissioning time. More information from [email protected] or telephone 01695 712800.