Hattersley WRAS Approved Public Health Range Now Available

Public Health is Hattersley’s Concern…

Hattersley has launched a range of WRAS approved Public Health Valves designed for hot and cold water systems. Available in multiple sizes and in pressure ratings from PN10 to PN25, they are ideal for a wide variety of construction projects and especially useful for buildings with a high footfall traffic, such as hospitals and medical centres, hotels, high rise buildings, educational and sports facilities.

The new WRAS approved Public Health Range includes Thermal Circulation Valves (TCVs), Pressure Reducing Valves (PRVs), Check Valves, Non-Return Valves, Butterfly Balancing Valves, Strainers, Thermostatic Mixing Valves and Service Ball Valves, which are all highlighted in more detail below.

Hattersley also offer a range of other WRAS approved products which are suitable for use within a Public Health environment such as Ball Valves or Press fit Valves. For more information please visit our website or contact us on +44 (0)1744458670.

Thermal Circulation Valves (TCVs)

TCVs provide self-balancing, thermostatically controlled regulation of flow and thermal disinfection, assisting with protection against Legionella. The valves automatically adjust in response to changes in fluid temperature to ensure that stable temperatures are maintained across domestic hot water systems. There are legal requirements for designers and installers to consider the risk of Legionella.

Available as follows:

Fig. 2900: ½” Low Flow. PN16

Fig. 2910: ½” and ¾” Standard Flow. PN16

Pressure Reducing Valves (PRVs)

PRVs ensure that an appropriate and comfortable water usage pressure is available at all times. These valves enable the control of pressure from boosted cold water supplies to match site requirements. The wide range of valves enables Hattersley to offer a variety of water pressure options to suit a number of different applications. These could include more demanding projects such as tall buildings like hotels and residential/commercial tower blocks.

Available as follows:

Fig. 416: ½” to 2”. PN16

Fig. 425: ½” to 2”. PN25

Fig. M416: DN65 to DN150. PN16

Fig. M425: DN65 to DN150. PN25

Single & Double Check Valves

Single and Double Check Valves permit flow in only one direction and close automatically if flow reverses. They are suitable for domestic and commercial water systems. Spring assistance enables the valve to be installed in horizontal or vertical pipework, while simultaneously preventing backflow.

The Single Check Valves are available as follows:

Fig. 150CW Compression Ended: 15mm, 22mm & 28mm. PN10

Fig. 150W Threaded Ends: 1¼”, 1½” & 2”. PN16

Fig. 155W Threaded Ends: 1¼”, 1½” & 2”. PN16

The Double Check Valves are available as follows:

Fig. 250CW Compression Ended: 15mm, 22mm, 28mm. PN10

Fig. 250W Threaded Ends: 1¼”, 1½” & 2”. PN10

Fig. 255W Threaded Ends: 1¼”, 1½” & 2”. PN25

Swing Check Valves

The new Swing Check Valves are entirely automatic in action, depending upon pressure and velocity of flow within the line to perform their functions of opening and closing. A disc inside the valve allows the liquid to flow comfortably, but shuts when the liquid attempts to change direction, thus preventing backflow.

Available as follows:

Fig. 3047W: ¾” to 2”. PN25

Non-Return Valves

Single and Double Non-Return Valves are specifically designed to allow flow of fluid in one direction only and to prevent reverse flow of fluid.

Available as follows:

Fig. 160W & Fig. 260W: DN50 to DN250. PN16

Butterfly Balancing Valves

The Lever Operated Double Regulating Valve contains a feature that enables the valve to be used for isolation and to be re-opened to its pre-set position to maintain required flow rate. It is an ideal choice because of its lightweight but robust structure. These valves can be used in conjunction with a M2000 orifice plate as a commissioning set and is referred to as a butterfly balancing valve.

Available as follows:

Fig. 973W: DN65 to DN150. PN16

Fig. M2000: DN65 to DN150. PN16


Scale and dirt in piping systems cause endless trouble and frequently serious damage to pipeline equipment. Installation of Hattersley strainers will help eliminate the problems caused by foreign matter within piping systems.

Available as follows:

Fig. 816W & Fig. 825W: DN65 to DN150. PN16 & PN25

Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMVs)

Thermostatic Mixing Valves blend hot water (stored at temperature high enough to kill bacteria) with cold, to ensure constant, safe outlet temperature preventing scalding. Predominantly used in the health care industry, Thermostatic Mixing Valves are installed in situations where there is high risk of scalding i.e. hospitals, care homes & schools.

Available as follows:

Fig. 77 & Fig. 78: 15mm to 22mm. PN10

Service Ball Valves

Light, compact and easy to install and operate.

Available as follows:

Fig. 108C: 15mm & 22mm. PN16.