Hattersley’s Press-Fit Valves the ideal solution for Europe

When it comes to a site with almost 8000 metres of pipework, the installation process is a mammoth task – which is why the many benefits of Hattersley's Press-Fit Valves appealed to M&E contractor Jones Engineering when it was tasked with fitting out the building services at the new North East Energy Recovery Centre (NEERC) in Billingham, Stockton on Tees.

Main contractors, John Sisk & Sons, will complete the NEERC build for waste management company, SITA UK, in 2014 when it will become Europe's largest energy-from-waste site. Its enormous incinerators will generate enough power to supply 30,000 homes, and this waste-free process will also prevent an incredible 265,000 tonnes of household waste being sent to landfill every year. It will also provide heat, in the form of steam, for local industry.

With such a large project, it was important for Jones Engineering to find a valve range that could cover all their needs for installation on both copper and stainless steel pipework, ensure quality and reliability, and save time on site.

Hattersley Press-Fit Valves come with integrated Geberit Mapress adaptors, which are factory-assembled and tested to guarantee the highest standards of quality and reliability, and proved ideal for this prestigious project.

Press-Fit technology reduces the number of joints required to be made on site, thereby speeding up the process and significantly reducing the risk of a leak, allowing the Jones Engineering's team of 45 installers to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

"We chose Hattersley's Press-Fit Valves because of their time-saving implications, plus the fact that they can be used with both types of pipework we have on site," explained Chris Melly, Project Manager at Jones Engineering. "It takes just five seconds to press the valve end, which means we've saved 35-40% on the valve installation time. And what's more, we know that the pressed joints are reliable."

At this present time, more than 300 ball valves have been installed in the facility's office block, although Jones Engineering will also be installing balancing, strainer and check valves throughout the pipework system. Due to its sheer size, the site's system will be commissioned in stages, with the first being the office block in October 2012, ready for employees to move in.

"We're delighted that Jones Engineering has found working with our new Press-Fit Valves to be such a positive experience," said Ken Morgan, National Sales Manager at Hattersley. "We take great pride in the quality and useability of all our products, so receiving such excellent feedback from contractors is the best validation of our efforts to create a range of valves which offer additional time and cost-saving benefits, with the same high specification as you would expect from a Hattersley project valve."



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