Hundreds of Hattersley Hook-ups control new office blocks

Six hundred and fifty Hattersley Hook-Up units to control the heating, cooling and airconditioning systems have been installed in two new office blocks, in Whitley, Southampton.

The Hattersley Hook-Up unit is a modular management system for fan coils and other terminal units. Components were specified by contractors Lorne Stewart with advice from Hattersley technical department and supplied through Pipe Center of Fareham. The Hook-Ups were prefabricated and factory-tested, allowing fast and straightforward installation by M&E contractors Lorne Stewart. The Hook-ups provide flow control, measurement, flushing and islation for chilled water and LTHW systems.

The office blocks, known as Forum 5 and 6 are part of a 12 block office complex, construction of the whole Forums Development is scheduled for completion in two years time.