Interactive Training Rig at SES York

Last week a team of Hattersley engineers went along to SES Engineering Services Ltd to demonstrate our newest test rig.

Divisional Sales Manager, Clive Morris along with Technical Development Manager, Andy Lucas were joined by a mix of assembly workers, buyers and commissioning managers. There were four sessions throughout the day, each consisting of six people. The aim of each session was to give employees at all levels a clear understanding of the various ways of balancing systems. The sessions were very hands on, with each individual actively using the training rig to learn the various different options when it comes to balancing systems. One person from each group was also given the opportunity to use the ProComm commissioning set which proved to be extremely useful to those watching.

We had excellent feedback, with everyone expressing that they found the sessions extremely beneficial.
“This has been a brilliant opportunity for Hattersley to showcase our product range and we look forward to showing this to more customers in the future.” – Clive Morris, Divisional Sales Manager.
With such positive feedback, we have decided to continue our training rig sessions, making it widely available to Hattersley customers and distributors. If you would like to book a day with our engineers, please get in touch.