New Hattersley Press-Fit valve range saves time on & off site

Leading manufacturer Hattersley has launched a new range of dedicated Press-Fit valves featuring integrated Geberit Mapress adaptors, offering building services engineers a variety of time and cost-saving benefits, as well as excellent quality and reliability. 

Comprising a ball, balancing, strainer and check valve, the new Press-Fit valve range is suitable for use with both copper * and Geberit Mapress Stainless and Carbon Steel tubing.

The range is made to the same high specification as Hattersley’s trusted project valves, but with the additional benefits of integrated Geberit Mapress adaptors. By supplying the valve and adaptors assembled and tested as one unit, the number of purchased components and joints required on site can be halved. This not only simplifies the purchasing process, keeps costs down and significantly lowers the installation time, it also reduces the risk of a leak.

The Press-Fit valve range is particularly suitable for pre-fabrication, thanks to the accuracy that can be achieved – pipes can be pre-cut, safe in the knowledge that the exact dimensions and tolerances are known in advance and can be relied upon.  

Mapress Press-Fit technology makes installation faster and cleaner, without the health and safety risk factors of soldering and threading, and is increasingly being recognised for its reliability and added value.

Unlike other brands on the market, both the valves and adaptors have been specifically designed with parallel threads to ensure an enhanced thread engagement and thus a superior resistance to bending forces, and much greater reliability. In fact, Hattersley’s rigorous bend and vibration testing (to EN331 and DVGW respectively) has revealed that its new valves are more stable than other similar Press-Fit valve units. Plus, to ensure there is no variability in terms of quality, every single valve undergoes a thorough 6 bar air underwater test before it leaves the factory.

Hattersley’s new range of Press-Fit valves is not just ahead of the field in terms of strength and integrity, it also boasts a unique, patented solution to the problem of identifying un-pressed joints. Three defined leak paths are designed in to each ‘O’ ring, so un-pressed joints can be easily identified with a leak test. Then, if a leak is found, the benefit of Press-Fit becomes all the more apparent, since the joint can be pressed without draining down the system, avoiding the associated time and cost implications.

As well as this ‘O’ ring failsafe, a white foil indicator on the pressing contours enables the installer to see at a glance which joints have been completed. This drops off once the Press-Fit Tool has been used. The Press-Fit valves also come with white end caps, to avoid contamination in transit and storage, and clearly display the pipe size. These plastic components are both recyclable, to enable best practice when it comes to site waste management.