Our BIM library has got bigger!

Hattersley is happy to announce the addition of DPCV, strainer and balancing valves to our expanding BIM library.

Since the launch of the service in November 2013, when we made some of our traditional and balancing valves available as BIM Content, we have had over 6000 content downloads from over twenty countries globally.

The uptake of BIM has rapidly increased in the public sector due to the 2011 government mandate which is driving level 2 BIM to be used on all government construction projects by 2016. This change in approach for the construction industry is also driving adoption of the technology in the private sectors as the real time benefits are being realised.

This UK government lead in the use of BIM has enabled the development of best practice approaches in the industry which are being acknowledged in the rest of Europe and MENA, both areas where BIM usage is increasing.

It is predicted that almost everyone in the building engineering sector will be using BIM in four years’ time. It really is the future of construction with more and more customers speaking this universal language.