Press-Fit Valves now approved for use on Pegler XPress and SANHA-Therm Carbon Steel Pipe

The Press-Fit range of valves from Hattersley is now fully approved for use on Pegler XPress and SANHA-Therm carbon steel pipe, in addition to Geberit Mapress carbon steel for any chilled or heated system

The new approval relates to the press-fit connection* between the Hattersley valve and the XPress/ SANHA carbon steel pipe, these connections must be made using the correct Mapress approved Press-Fit tool.

Comprising a ball, balancing, strainer and check valve, the Hattersley Press-Fit range have been proven to connect effortlessly, offering building services engineers a variety of time and cost-saving benefits, as well as excellent quality and reliability.

The Hattersley Press-Fit valve range is also approved for use with copper pipe meeting BS EN1057 R220 soft copper (15-22mm), R250 semi-hard copper (15-28mm), R290 hard copper (15-54mm) as well as Geberit Mapress stainless steel pipe.

Key benefits of Hattersley Press Fit system are –

·         Unique visual press indicator

·         Protection plug to prevent any ingress prior to installation

·         Defined leak paths – a failsafe against unpressed joints

·         Clean heat free joints

·         Valves rated up to 120 °C at 16 bar

*Hattersley will warrant this connection in accordance with its standard terms and conditions provided that the connection is made in accordance with the installation instructions and that the carbon steel pipe meets the following specification: Carbon steel to EN 10305-3:2010 (material name E195, material number 1.0034) with an external zinc coating of  7 to 15µm.