The Hattersley FutureFlow range offers a wide range of flow management systems as well as static and dynamic balancing valves, providing the ultimate in accuracy and reliability.

Flow Management Systems


Hook-Up Prime

Pre-assembled, tested and ready to connect, the Hook-Up is a cleverly conceived combination of all the components necessary to provide flow management for terminal units, such as fan coils and chilled beams. Hook-Up provides flow control, measurement, flushing and isolation, using bronze and DZR brass components. Any combination of components can be selected to attach to the H-body, depending on site specifications.

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Two options are available standard pressure 0.5 kPa - 200 kPa and high pressure 2.0 kPa to 600 kPa. The performance characteristics of over 4,500 valves - from 70 manufacturers - are pre-programmed into the PrimeComm and this extensive knowledge-base is continually

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Dynamic Balancing



To meet the growing use of variable speed pumps for HVAC applications, Differential Pressure Control Valves are installed to ensure the system remains balanced, independent from any changes in other areas of the circuit, which greatly simplifies the balancing and commissioning procedure. Stabilising differential pressure reduces energy consumption and the risk of noise.



Hattersley PICV

The new Pressure Independent Combination Valve provides greater flow control and accuracy for a system. An integral orifice plate allows for accurate flow measurement. The PICV combines the functions of Hattersley’s MotoPrime and its DPCV.

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Static Balancing Valves

Hattersley's range of static balancing valves includes Double Regulating Valves and Fixed Orifice Double Regulating Valves, all offering an accuracy of +/- 5% on all settings. The integral fixed orifice design offers greater accuracy, makes set-up easier and involves fewer connections resulting in lower installation costs. Available in medium and low flow versions, Hattersley’s static balancing valves offer positive flow control at all handwheel settings.

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