Modulating Actuator

The ACT991M Modulating Actuator provides linear or proportional (equal percentage) control. It adjusts position based on control signal. Gap detection ensures actuator stroke closely matches actual valve stroke, independent of valve setting.

  • A modulating actuator providing proportional (equal percentage) control.
  • Includes a stem gap detection innovation, which reduces onsite adjustments and results in easier installation and commissioning.
  • The gap detection feature matches the stroke length of the valve during calibration, ensuring the actuator conversion to equal percentage is accurate and gives the desired flow control across all valve settings for the operating differential pressure range.
  • An LED for the indication of the operating status.

Product Overview

Please refer to Datasheet for full technical information

Force / Stroke
Power Supply
Control Signal
0 - 10V dc
0 - 5V dc
2 - 10V dc
4 - 20mA