Manifold Commissioning System

Hattersley MultiComm provides one easy access point for commissioning and maintenance of multiple heating/chilled water terminal units.

  • Depending on flow rates, up to six terminals can be served from a single MultiComm unit.
  • All units are custom built to suit site specification.
  • All site connections can be made without the need to access the internal components.
  • MultiComm is suitable for variable flow or constant flow systems.
  • All connections are BSPT Female, enabling standard pipe or specialist adapters to be used.
  • Fan coil units can be flushed, vented and balanced without the time-consuming 'looping out' procedure. This can be carried out by one commissioning engineer instead of a team.
  • A single strainer serves all circuits, eliminating the need for individual strainers.
  • All systems can be flushed through the unique Hook-Up 'H' body.
  • The single DPCV maintains constant differential pressure between manifolds.

Product Overview

Please refer to Datasheet for full technical information

Pressure rating
Temperature Rating
-10 to 100°C
End Connnections
System Side - BSP Female Taper
Terminal Side - Compression or Solder Union

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