Sir Charles Parsons School

One of 16 schools redeveloped in the Newcastle-Upon-Tyne area

The secondary school was regenerated as part of the Government’s Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme and was one of 16 schools redeveloped in the Newcastle-Upon-Tyne area.

A range of Hattersley Isolating and Commissioning Valves. A wide range of Hattersley valves, including Fig. 1732 commissioning valves, have been installed in Charles Parsons School, Walker.

Valves were installed in the new purpose-built accommodation to provide heating, ventilation and air conditioning throughout the building. Sir Charles Parsons School is a large school for students with special educational needs and so along with classrooms, the building also houses sensory rooms and stateof-the-art swimming and therapy pools. The Hattersley valves are preferred because of their weight and space saving.


Newcastle, United Kingdom

HVAC Contractor



BSS (Newcastle) Ltd.


Hattersley supplied a wide range of valves, including commissioning valves