Hook-Up Elite Prime with PICV, BSRIA Flushing Drain, FMD & Strainer

  • Compact design, with flow and return legs at equal lengths, for simple direct mounting onto terminal unit
  • Fitted with Elite Prime with a wide range of settable flows to suit all applications
  • Includes Venturi metering station for improved accuracy and pressure drop recovery
  • All valves are subject to both a pressure test, in accordance with BS EN 12266-1, as well as a flow limitation test, in accordance to BSRIA BTS1. This provides reassurance of performance and accuracy within each valve
  • Bypass unit with integrated 3-way isolation valves
  • Flushing valves on flow and return – in accordance with BSRIA BG29
  • Integrated dial allowing for calibrated setting of the PICV with integrated test points allowing for ΔP verification
  • Fitted strainer makes a significant contribution to the reliability of a piping system, and ensures performance is maintained over the lifetime of the system (if cleaned regularly). The strainer filters particles and impurities in the fluid, protecting hydronic equipment such as pumps, control valves, heat exchangers etc.
  • BIM File Available

Product Overview

Please refer to Datasheet for full technical information

Body Size
Pressure rating
Temperature Rating
0°C to 90°C
End Connnections
H-Body - BSP Taper
Terminal end - Compression/Solder