UK Design and Manufacture

The origins of Hattersley date to 1897, when 20-year-old Richard Hattersley started a small tool-making business in Halifax. Today the portfolio of products and solutions has grown considerably and Hattersley is now a leading manufacturer of HVAC valves.

The new Elite Prime PICV range is manufactured in Great Britain – designed and developed in Ipswich and manufactured in dedicated facilities in Hitchin using high-quality precision-made DZR components.

5 Step Process to Ensure Top Quality

The new Elite Prime undergoes a 5 key step process for the manufacturing build and each valve is tested in accordance with BSRIA BT S01 guidance.

  1. Assembly of shell & bonnet 
  2. Assembly of diaphragm
  3. Assembly of op valve works 
  4. Furniss Controls Presure Test
  5. Curtis Assemble & Test

In step 4, the Furness Controls Pressure Test is looking for any leakages utilizing a pneumatic pressure decay system. All the valves are individually pressure tested to BS EN 12266-1.

Finally, in step 5, the PICV must undergo flow testing on a specially designed Curtis assembly & test performance rig. In the case of the PICV Elite Prime DN15 standard model, there are 14 key criteria in total which must all be passed. These tests cover verification of flow performance across differential pressure range and hysteresis check.

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