Fig. 1936F

Electronic Pressure Independent Control Valve

E-PICV uses pressure transducers combined with a high-speed actuator to automatically regulate flow, regardless of pressure fluctuations in the system.

  • Reduced commissioning time and costs due to the preconfigured actuator settings, via the BMS or Hattersley configurator tool
  • Stable head output by maintaining a flow rate regardless of ΔP via pressure sensors
  • System optimisation using the indicated flow rate and position feedback via Modbus
  • Reduced installation labour and cabling costs due to daisy chaining between Modbus actuators
  • Reduced downtime due to error feedback via the BMS
  • Optimised system efficiency and user comfort due to fast responding actuator
  • Isolation function with Class IV leakage up to 800kPa

Product Overview

Please refer to Datasheet for full technical information

DN65 - DN150
Pressure rating
End Connnections
Flanges to BS EN 1092-2 PN16