Fig. 1937F

Electronic Pressure Independent Control Valve

E-PICV+ controls the heat transfer, optimises delta T and automatically regulates flow, regardless of pressure fluctuations in the system, through the use of pressure transducers, temperature sensors and a high-speed actuator. This combination with the addition of Modbus connectivity also allows for energy monitoring and data exchange with the BMS.

  • Energy monitoring, thermal power control and ΔT maximisation functions to optimise system efficiency.
  • Precise flow control using integrated pressure transducers.
  • BMS connectivity through Modbus RTU for control and data collection.
  • Configurable control method via Modbus or voltage to suit application.
  • Able to track position, flow and ΔP through feedback signals.
  • Quick and easy maintenance using diagnostic functions and LED behaviour indicating operating status and any errors.
  • Accurate over wide ΔP range to 800kPa.
  • Class IV leakage.

Product Overview

Please refer to Datasheet for full technical information

DN65, DN80, DN100, DN125, DN150
Pressure rating
Flow rate
DN65: 3.3 – 10.3 l/s
DN80: 6.9 – 16.4 l/s
DN100: 12.5 – 21.4 l/s
DN125: 16.9 – 32.8 l/s
DN150: 22.2 – 49.2 l/s
Temperature Rating
Fluid: -10°C - 110°C
Ambient: -10°C - 50°C
End Connnections
Flanges to BS EN 1092-2 PN16

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